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Birthdate:Dec 13
Location:Kentucky, United States of America
Website:My web page!
From CSI: NY, both canonical characters and differing versions for my many Alternate Universes:
canon!Mac and canon!Danny from my fic "New York State of Mind"
vampire!Mac (custom bloodline) and human!Danny from my fic "We Don't Die"
vampire!Mac (custom bloodline) and human!Danny and human!Flack from my fic "Beauty in The Beast"
vampire!Mac (custom bloodline) and human!Danny from my fic "Your Kind, My Kind, Humankind" (not yet published)
vampire!Mac and vampire!Danny (based on the Sylum!verse) for my fic "Men Plans, God Laughs" (not yet published)
space colonist!Mac and native!Danny from my fic "Elfwood" (not yet published)
furry!Mac and furry!Danny from my fic "Zoo York" (not yet published)
furry!Mac and furry!Danny from my furry!verse/Stargate crossover "Close Encounters of the Furred Kind" (not yet published)
wolf!Mac and wolf!Danny from my fic "Hour of the Wolf" (not yet published, and it's a working title)
wing!Mac and wing!Danny from my fic "No Angels Here" (not yet published)

Other Muses
Burn Notice, canon!Michael and canon!Victor for my oneshot fic "Will You Be My Enemy?" (not yet published)
Burn Notice, human!Michael and vampire!Victor (based on the Sylum!verse) from my fic "Terms of Estrangement" (not yet published)
Flashpoint, wolf!Greg and wolf!Ed from a fic I haven't named yet
Dark Blue, wolf!Carter and wolf!Dean from a fic I haven't named yet
Dark Blue, vampire!Carter and vampire!Dean from Melissa's fic "Rogue" (but they feature in some of mine)
Stargate: SG-1, canon!Jack O'Neill and canon!Daniel Jackson for their appearances in my fic "Close Encounters of the Furred Kind" (not yet published)
Stargate: Atlantis, canon!John Sheppard and canon!Rodney McKay for their appearances in my fic "Close Encounters of the Furred Kind" (not yet published)
Supernatural, Castiel and Dean, no fic planned yet but they're there
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (video game), Martin Septim and Lucien Lachance and original character Walks-The-Night-Alone, no fic being worked on with intent of publishing (yet)

Interests (149):

3 doors down, 300, a dog's breakfast, aaron hotchner, adam ross, anne mccaffrey, anne rice, anton strout, argonians, ashley macisaac, assemblage 23, avenged sevenfold, billy joel, brian jacques, burn notice, carmine giovinazzo, carter shaw, carter/dean, castiel, castiel/dean, ceesau, coheed and cambria, coldplay, constantine, criminal minds, csi, csi: miami, csi: ny, daniel jackson, danny messer, danny/flack, danny/mac, dark blue, david caruso, david hewlett, david hodges, dean bendis, dean winchester, dean/castiel, dog fashion disco, dogstar, don flack, douglas adams, dragonheart, eureka, flack/danny, flashpoint, forrest gump, fringe, game modding, gary sinise, gibbs/tony, gil grissom, gladiator, greg sanders, hellsing, hooverphonic, horatio caine, horatio/speed, house md, hudson hawk, impostor, jack o'neill, jason gideon, joe flanigan, john grisham, john levitt, john sheppard, kill bill, leroy jethro gibbs, mac taylor, mac/danny, mac/flack, mac/hawkes, mac/sheldon, madeline l'engle, massive attack, max allan collins, mcshep, michael crichton, michael westen, michael/victor, miracle, mischa collins, ncis, neil gaiman, nick stokes, nick/gil, numb3rs, oblivion, orson scott card, paulson, pearl jam, philip k. dick, phillip pullman, piers anthony, pirates of the caribbean, queensr├┐che, r.a. salvatore, rammstein, robert jordan, rodney mckay, rory cochrane, sam winchester, session 9, sheldon hawkes, snakes on a plane, snatch, southland, speed/horatio, spencer reid, stargate sg-1, stargate: atlantis, stargate: continuum, supernatural, swat, symphony x, terry brooks, terry pratchett, the big bang theory, the blade trilogy, the chronicles of riddick series, the dark knight, the elder scrolls, the elder scrolls oblivion, the fantastic four, the fast and the furious trilogy, the last samurai, the mars volta, the mentalist, the pretender, the princess bride, tim speedle, tim/horatio, tom clancy, tony dinozzo, tony/gibbs, trans siberian orchestra, vampire, vampires, vampirism, vast, victor stecker-epps, warrick brown, within temptation, without a trace, writing fanfictions, writing my novel, yellowcard
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